Fishing Report Oct 30, 2014

Cave Run muskies may just be as good as they ever have been. The spring produced our first average over 40 inches.  The fall is averaging well over 40 inches. We just had a run from clients and guests of The Muskie Lodge of 108 muskies in 17 days.  AWESOME!!!!  Bringing the monthly total to 166 for October.

Weeds are in great shape.  Water temps are in the low to mid 60’s, with the water level about 4 feet below summer pool. Some terrific top water muskie action has produced some great catches. Big blades like Cowgirls and Toothy Muskie Baits have also taken many fish. Just in the past few days, a huge amount of fish have shown up on the deeper edge of the weeds. Live bait fishing has kicked off and we look forward to whats to come.  November-December has always been our best time pulling live bait. Rubber should start kicking ass as well.  Trolling is also starting to produce. We look forward to a great late fall period.  A lot of the super tankers are starting to show.  I’m excited!!!

Live Bait’ In the Southern Waters

By: Tony Grant To the northern range musky angler fishing with live bait is nothing new, in fact goes back many generations and draws many northerners to their favorite muskies waters each fall for maybe their most exciting muskie trip of the year. However for most southern muskie anglers it’s just something they’ve read aboutContinue Reading

Come on feel the Noise: “Sound Advice”

By: Tony Grant Most anglers know how important visual presentation is to catching muskies. There are literally thousands of articles that are dedicated to the choice of colors, shapes and types of lures that can attract a strike. However their are other sensory elements that smart anglers add to their arsenal, “sound and vibration”. MuskiesContinue Reading

Post Spawn Muskies Both Sides of the Mason Dixon Line

Post Spawn Muskies Both Sides of the Mason Dixon Line

During the early days of my guiding careerI found out real quick that post spawn muskies where very unpredictable, locating them seemed difficult and finding the eaters even tougher. Experience is king when your pursuing muskies and the many years of knowledge I have behind me has bettered my game. For the past fifteen yearsContinue Reading

Night Shift – Big Muskies After Dark

Night Shift – Big Muskies After Dark

After a guiding career that dates back well over fifteen years I now find myself working somewhat a swing shift. Like many other occupations guiding for muskies successfully means working long unusual hours. During the past few years while guiding  summers in the northern muskie range I find myself regularly spending a lot of myContinue Reading

Quick Guide to Competitive Fishing

Quick Guide to Competitive Fishing

Many people would like to compete in muskie tournaments or even join one of the trails, and would do very well, even win large sums of cash. What about you? The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “Do I have what it takes?” Over the past 15 years I have had a great dealContinue Reading

Follow The Sun For Early Season Muskies

Follow The Sun For Early Season Muskies

Many of you know the importance the moon has on muskie fishing but there’s another natural effect that can determine your muskie fishing success especially during the early season, “The Sun”. Solar Influence The sun is the largest body in our solar system and some would say exerts the greatest influence in our daily lives, as well asContinue Reading

Cave Run Lake, Muskie Lodge Muskie Totals

NOTE* The Months of June, September and December are based on 2010 Muskie Count, Muskie Lodge Guides, Clients and Guest 2010 Muskie Count, Muskie Lodge Guides, Clients and Guest March-167 April-93 May-81 June-31 September-42 October-121 November-88 December-25 2011 Muskie Count, Muskie Lodge Guides, Clients and Guest March-189 April-81 May-84 June-33 September-47 October-101 November-71 December-21 2012Continue Reading

March Muskie Madness

By Tony Grant & Gregg Thomas With as much excitement as the NCAA tournament brings to college basketball enthusiast, a madness of another type takes place in the coves and hollows of Kentucky’s Cave Run and Green River Lakes. Muskies in the “Bluegrass State” are in their prime by tournament time and in full swingContinue Reading

Pre-Spawn Muskies

By Tony Grant Long before the northern lakes start the thawing progress many southern and visiting northern musky anglers alike have already spent many days on the water pursuing their passion for muskie fishing down south. Southern reservoirs offer a unique season for muskies that few fisheries have to offer, pre-spawn musky fishing. With minimumContinue Reading

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Cave Run Lake in Eastern Kentucky has long been known as the musky capital of the south. Cave Run is ranked as one of the top ten musky fishing locations by In Fisherman and Field & Stream Magazines.

Cave Run Muskie Guide Service the one-stop-shop for musky fishing eastern Kentucky. So come make plans now to fish with one of the largest musky guide services in North America here on Cave Run Lake, we will educate you on freshwaters most fierce predator at one of the finest musky lakes in Kentucky and the country.

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